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Way to check if torrent contains a virus or something harmful?


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Hi all,

I've been using torrents/uTorrent for quite some time now. I've never really had a problem with sifting out torrents with harmful files in them, as I usually look at the comments or am able to tell by the contents of the file. Now that Magnet links are in play, I usually am only left to looking through comments, which sometimes aren't always there. I was wondering if there is a program or something along those lines that I can run a particular torrent through, and get results as to whether or not it contains harm. I'm not sure if I have heard correctly, but I may have read something about a forum or a collection of posts that people will post torrents that they have found to be harmful. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I would have searched for a topic like this in a search bar, but I don't seem to be able to find one for the forum posts.

Thanks everyone.

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