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uTorrent not loading .torrent files


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Good afternoon

ive been using utorrent for years and the other night i went to download a .torrent file from a site and i noticed that utorrent opened but the popup box for download location never opened. so i checked and the file didn't load into utorrent. i thought this was odd so i checked for an update and low and behold 3.3 was available so i downloaded it and it never prompted me to install it just opened. now the same thing is happening torrents wont load. if i download a magnet link it downloads but under the no labels tab and doesn't ask me where i want the file destination to go. so i deleted it (because there is no install/uninstall) re-started it and re downloaded utorrent same issue. so i downloaded vuse to see if it would work or if it was something wrong with my computer and it worked but i really don't like that program i prefer utorrent.

can anyone please help me resolve this issue.

im running windows 7pro 64


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