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I have a weird problem and I'm hoping someone can help me with it.

i'm running Windows 8 and uTorrent 3.3 (Build 29126) and every download is marked as read only once it's complete.

I've reformatted the hard drive already, using NTFS and all default settings. When I add a new torrent, the.ut! files are correct. As soon as the file is finished downloading and the file is renamed, the "read only" flag gets set. I've removed it from the folder, I've set "inherit permissions", and the problem persists.

I did some google searching and the general consensus seems to be that this is an issue with the uploaders setting the flags as read only but this happens with literally every single torrent I download. This never happened on my old computer, so I downloaded a torrent I had used there without issue and it got the "read only" flag set. I created my own torrent on my laptop and triple-checked nothing was set "read only" and downloaded that, and it's flagged "read only" on my desktop.

This happens whether I move completed downloads to a different folder or not. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

EDIT: This also happens if I don't set the "append .!ut to incomplete files" option as well.

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