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cant quite get my smart feed to behave.


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i have 2 RSS feeds that I use.

One for a private site which I add either collection or individual files to, I have setup a smart feed to download everything from this feed and it works just fine.

The second is from a TV site, it allows me to add favourite shows and subsequently gives me all the relevant files for said shows. What i want to do here is cut down the files it gives me.

First issue, is that if i create a Smart Feed directly from my TV feed which shows currently 12 files, the smart feed shows none, even with no qualifiers.

What I tried next was to duplicate the feed for my first feed and change the Apply to box, which then populated the smart feed with all the files from the TV site.

what i then did was choose "does not contain" and put in season, that cut down my results to the expected 6. What i done next was to put in "does contain" and added mp4 to get the SD mp4 files rather than the HD content. This however emptied the feed, rather than halving it to 3 files. When I removed this qualifier it showed the feed was still empty, I then removed the first qualifier also and this still showed the feed as empty, despite the fact that without both the qualifiers mere moments earlier it showed the correct 12 files.

I'm pretty stumped as to what could be causing the issue, any insight would be magic.


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