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Utorrent Won't Close Properly


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I opened Utorrent the other day and got an error I'd never seen before, 'DiskWrite: Re-attach disk' or something like that, well I'd never seen it before so I had to ask a tech savvy friend of mine what it meant, he had me restart my external, which I'd never had to do before, to get it to show a brand new error 'DiskWrite: Cyclic Redundancy'. Well now my tech-savvy friend goes 'Uh-oh' and has no advice. So I try to shut utorrent down so I can restart it, well it doesn't go down, in fact it freezes, three attempts to end it's process and 20 minutes later it's still sitting there, still frozen.

Only now, after attempting to close Firefox in order to free up what little processor it's using, Firefox has also frozen solid. So I say fuckit and tell it to restart, hopefully that'll fix it right? No. Instead of restarting it gets stuck on the Shutdown screen for another ten minutes until I do a hard-restart and bring it back up. Immediately I try to open Utorrent and instantly again I get the re-attach disk error. I reboot the external and now i'm downloading, which is good right? Except then the downloads take a nosedive for no apparent reason (I had a good 30 seeds) so, frustrated, i try to restart utorrent again. Well it goes away, or appears to, and I try to open it again but it gives me "Is already running but not responding" I give in a raised eyebrow and open the task manager.

Low and behold in the task manager there is a 400 byte process labeled Utorrent that isn't going anywhere. I try to end it several times and it sits there defiantly. I try to restart and once again it gets stuck on the Shutdown screen so once again I have to hard-restart it. Repeat this process a couple more times and I say screw it and just do a hard-shutdown and go to sleep for the night.

OS: Win7


Processor: Intel Celeron

RAM: 2gb

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