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Takes forever to start then slow


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Recently I've been plagued with issues. It started off as connection errors with trackers. When I can connect it times out most times or takes 30 minutes to start seeding downloads. Even longer for uploads.

I've tried to follow guides like this...


But they are either out of date or my utorrent is all messed up.

There isn't a "Setup Guide" anymore only a "Speed Guide." When I press control + G, that's what I get. If I press the "Test if port is forwarded properly" it brings up a website that tells me that feature is included in the setup guide and refers me back to the same button.

I've upgraded to the most non-beta utorrent.

I'm trying to DL a torrent that has over 5200 seeds available and I'm only getting 44kB/s on an internet connection that averages 40Mb/s.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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