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Torrents not seeding from one website


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Hey, so I have a small problem. I am using a website for torrents, however recently it stopped seeding for me. The strange thing is that's it's this website only so if I use any other it works fine. I tested it no 2 different computers (2 differnet OS) and the same thing happes. It has woked fine up until a week ago or so, and I haven't had any changes (router, internet etc). I've tried the torrent fix on this website: http://www.infowares.com/tvt/, disabeled UpNp and enabeled Protocol Encryption. The only thing I really haven't tried is opening ports, because when I try to forward a port, it tells me that it can't open a dnf port (not really sure what that means). I can also point out that it's not that the tracker is missing leeches, cause yesterday I tried with one of the "Hot" shows. The website in question is TvTorrents and any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

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