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resurrecting: prematurely-closed topic "New uTorrent - Checked 0.0%"


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DreadWingKnight closed the very recent subject topic after posting, simply, "upgrade to 3.4"

I'd love it if that were the solution, but, well... 3.4 doesn't seem to exist. Did it get un-released? Or are you saying to just wait for 3.4, and this issue will be fixed then? I JUST updated to 3.3 - from whence came the problem? - and according to "Check for Updates," "There is no new version available at this time."

Those torrents that were waiting for seeds which I'd loaded before I updated are now starting, and some that I added afterwards ran as well, but nothing more will get past "Checked 0.0%." "Finding peers"/"connecting to peers"/"downloading metadata" all move right along, then splat - nothing.

Also seeking some means to remove what looks like malware installation attempt by a site called "mplayerdownloader.com" - tries to get me to update Flash player, but my Flash install is brand new, and the supposed download acceptance page has all kinds of murky sleazy fine print. I think this came from clicking a 'fake' download link on an EZTV torrent listing.


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