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UTorrent Issue


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Hi Guys

Please can someone / anyone help me:

Ive been using UTorrent for a number of years now always with the same ISP provider (SKY)...However and im sure you know whats coming lol

The other day it seems the program stopped working all my torrents read either checked or connecting to peers....

I have tried various methods to resolve this

1) Restarting the app

2) deleting and redoing firewall rules

3) checked app settings

4) reinstalled app with various versions

I am at the point now where im thinking either reinstall PC OR has SKY Blocked the app??

I am not sure but the above attempts to get it to work sometimes get 1 torrent working but not others...

Any suggestions would be appriciated - hastly needed too


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I am having exactly the same problem and tried all the same solutions with no success.

Tried with both latest release version and the latest beta version( Exactly the same problem with both versions.

Hope there is a solution posted soon or a new version to fix the problem.

Just found the alpha version of 3.4, downloaded and installed it. It initially appears to have resolved the problem but has its own new issues with downloading.

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