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[BUG] µTorrent stuck on Checked 0.0%


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I would like to report a bug for µTorrent 3.3.1 beta (build 29438) [32-bit]. The problem was when I went to install this new version and I started to have all my torrents that were downloading, now they are stuck at Checked 0.0%. I made NO CHANGES to any of the settings, so it has to be with this beta build.

I was using µTorrent 3.3Stable (build 29126) [32-bit], and I had NO problems at all. Everything was going fine, until I installed this µTorrent 3.3.1 beta (build 29438) [32-bit] version.

I really wish that someone will come out with ALL the changes that are being made with documentation stating ALL the changes, along with the non functional move to the specific directory in the Persistent Labels [separate multiple labels with a | character] in Preference-UI Extras section.

Lastly, can I suggest that when they come out with a new version of µTorrent, whether it be an Alpha, Beta, Stable, or Release Candidate [RC], they include the changes text file when you install the update. Then that will, hopefully, get rid of all the "surprises".

Thank You :)

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A lot of people having the same problem but no answers! Frustrating!

The simplest way to solve it is:

Allow uTorrent to shut down CLEANLY before turning the power off to your machine.


Don't allow Windows update to automatically install and reboot.

Don't allow Anti-Virus updates to reboot the machine.

AND Flash updates, Java updates, Adobe Acrobat reader etc. etc. Then uTorrent should NEVER need to recheck all the jobs when it starts up.

PREVENTION is far better than continuous whinging.

Yeah, yeah, yeah it needs 'fixing' but until it is YOU can prevent it from being a problem.

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