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D/load velocity shown in status bar is greater then shown in info tab


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Some days ago I didn't even know what a torrent exactly was and just decided to try it to download a movie, so I downloaded and installed uTorrent and started downloading a movie (How to Train Your Dragon 3d, 1,5 GB). Many hours after that, I saw in status bar: [D: x.x kB/s T: 96 MB] (x.x ==> velocity value = 1.0 to ~5.0 kB/s). It's the real values (I have a dial-up connection).

That's not so bad but when I looked in the info tab in the transfer info the downloaded value was just about 31 MB! and also the velocity shown in status bar (x.x) is greater then shown in the info tab.

Considering the values shown in status bar, the download will take me a few weeks to finish, but considering the info tab values, the download will take me some months to finish!


It seems like I'm downloading three times the data I'm actually getting :( . Where are the rest of the data going for? Why I'm not getting the whole data I'm downloading? Some of you experienced the same?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for any English mistake, I'm brazilian!

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