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Just thought I would share this.


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email received from the appropriately named d0peman ( jbmsurfs@gmail.com )

You are a f**king D*CK,. I can only imagine what a fat f*ck you are sitting behind your computer patronizing others and pretending like you know shit about anything. I registered ONLY to tell you what a fat d*ck your are. You my friend really should go back a crawl under whatever rock you came from. Im quite sure you didnt come from anything human. Oh and eat a bag of dicks you c*cksucking, mommy f**king fat f*ck. Put a real pic of yourself up so this whole forum can have a true laugh. Go f*ck yourself FATTY.

Now let's face it, how could I NOT reply to that and patronise him/it a little more

My Reply

Well, thank you for that, and may I say that your eloquence and well-reasoned points of view impressed me immensely, you are obviously a credit to the educational system in whatever country you happen to reside in.

However, if I may take a moment to point out one glaring error in your missive

"what a fat d*ck your are." should be ... "what a fat d*ck you are.", as "your" is a possessive adjective. Or perhaps you intended to write the contraction of "you are" which would be "you're" where the apostrophe replaces the missing vowel. Although you may have meant to continue in the possessive context with "what a fat d*ck you must have"

Although I should remember the rule of ....

Never argue with an idiot .... As they will only drag you down to their level ... and beat you with experience.

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Ha! What a douchebag. But speaking from experience, feeding the trolls will just make you frustrated at best, and hate humanity at worst. I lost a whole afternoon to the Yahoo comment boards once. I needed therapy after.

I think shaming him/her here is the best move. it's not like you are suggesting that people use the email jbmsurfs@gmail.com for their spam email.

Also even though I just registered, your posts have helped me out and in fact prevented me from changing torrent clients. So thanks and keep up the good work.

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I don't take it personally at all. I really don't care what ANYONE on any anonymous forum thinks of me, no one here is a 'friend' or someone I consider important to my life, so you are all of absolutely ZERO consequence to me in any meaningful way for my life. Equally, I am, or I should be, of zero consequence to your lives. THIS is a persona, it may or it may not reflect my true self, just like your forum persona may or may not reflect your true self.

I just thought the rest of may have a laugh at how some unkown idiot, whom has never met me and someone that I am never likely to meet and therefore will have no impact on my life, could let some equally unkown idiot (that will be me then) who will have exactly the same zero impact on his/her life could even be bothered to type a vitriolic email rant.

IT REALLY does not matter, but if you feel that your life is so shallow and pointless that you have to take umbridge at something that is not personal in any way shape or form, you should be seeking professional advice on the state of your mental health, because it is visible to the rest of us that something is not quite right up there.

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I hardly think ciaobaby sharing something that made her/him upset is even in the same ballpark as mass shootings. That's not a very nice thing to say. Maybe you didn't mean it that way.

Regardless, ciaobaby obviously felt safe enough in this forum to vent and I think ciaobaby has deserves more respect than being conflated with a hate-mongerer.

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