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A potential work around for the 'Stuck at checked' issue.


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Hi All, I too have been suffering from the issue with the latest release in which only 1 torrent downloads and the rest remain stuck at 'Checked' state.

I have found a potential work around that seems to work for me so if somebody could also test it to see if they have any luck then it might help a few peeps out.

Stop all torrents and then start them again then exit UTorrent - go to your AppData/Roaming folder under your user folder and delete all the .old files then restart UTorrent - all of my 6 downloads running now.

Hope this helps


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LOL.try 3.4

Yeah, I want to run an unstable ALPHA on my box. The supposed stable 3.3 doesn't work and u want us to try an Alpha. Really?

Where is the official, supported, thread on this issue. I see lots of whining about "dozens" of threads about this problem. All closed because no one wants to read them. Where is the official thread that people should be posting to?

On most boards that deal with tech support, the board admin usually creates an official repository where people who have the same problem can all post. Here, seems no one has the energy or ability to do that.

Why not create and Pin a real official thread instead of being so snarky when new threads are opened up?

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