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self-downloading torrents


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im facing two problems here. actually ive got 2 torrents which torrents start downloading themselves automatically. even if i stop them and delete them - torrents and files as well - and close utorrent and empty the bin and run ccleaner or restart computer or reinstall utorrent, whatever, next time i check on the utorrent, those 2 torrents are there again and downloading themselves without my permission. and it goes on and on, over and over again, i delete, they start, i delete, they start, ... how the f*ck can i stop and delete those torrents finally, and kill them out of my computer????

the other one: im using google chrome, and everytime i download a torrent, it starts downloading itself automatically on 100% and i dont even have a chance to specify the files i intend to download, and to select a download folder, ... , so there is no 'options window' right after i get the torrent via chrome. of course, i tried every single option in utorrent, but nothing works the way i want to...

help me please, thanks

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Well I might be able to help with part of your problem.

Here's how to get utorrent to open a window so you can choose the files you want to download:

Open utorrent, go to Options - Preferences - UI Settings. Check the box Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advanced mode (found under When Adding Torrents heading).

Also you might want to go to Options - Preferences - Directories and verify that the box Automatically load torrents from: is unchecked, this might be why the torrents keep re-loading.

Or you could copy the name of the torrent, get a program like Everything, and search for the offending torrent file and delete it.

Hope that helps

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