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Batch relocate seeding files?


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(Apologies if this was already answered - I read posts going back a year containing 'relocate')

Is there a way to batch relocate files using utorrent 3.2.1 32-bit (or any other version)?

I have around 1000 music torrents active at any time - so I am dealing with a large volume of smaller files. (Kudos to utorrent for handling this volume!)

Current solutions:

I currently navigate to the bottom pane to Files - Right Click - Relocate, but I have to do this for each torrent individually and it can be ridiculously laborious for hundreds of files/torrents. Also, it annoys me that the 'Save Directory' location still shows the old location even after files are relocated.

So sometimes I do this: for the files that I want to relocate: I erase the corresponding torrents from utorrent , move the files manually to their new location, change the download location in utorrent to match the new location, then re-load all of the torrents and force-recheck. The drawbacks of this method are that it takes a long time to re-check all those files, and also it is not always easy to isolate and find each and every corresponding torrent file so I can re-load them. (My Finished Torrent folder contains all my finished torrents, not just music ones). So I end up missing a few, which sometimes results in hit-n-runs on my tracker site.

I would use the feature ' move completed torrents to different directory' but I do not pre-allocate space for files, and I find this feature ends up moving a lot of files before they are complete and I end up with broken mp3s or FLACs, very annoying to sift through.


I would love it if there was a way to highlight all of the files I want to move in utorrent, right-click, and relocate and all of the files would be moved to their new location, and the Save Path column in utorrent would reflect their new location. Does something similar exist?

Any hints or suggestions are appreciated.

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Had the same crap just few minutes ago after rearranging hard drives in PC case, volume (disk) letters in Windows also changed. Solved this quickly by patching paths in %APPDATA%\uTorrent\resume.dat file using hex editor (you need to understand UTF-8 encoding to do it properly). Although some torrents (F:\... -> G:\...) I have relocated manually using "Set Download Location..." item of "Advanced" submenu in context menu cause I didn't want to spend much time for accurate changing paths in resume.dat files. I have selected to replace all matches because most of the torrents with huge amount of files moved to the same volume (disk) (G:\... -> F:\...). To do all the things properly by patching I should have to do the following:

1) replace the path F:\... to temporary path with fake letter Z:\...;

2) replace the path G:\... to F:\...;

3) replace the temporary path Z:\... to G:\...

Yes, yes, yes. If new path is longer than old one (also keep in mind UTF-8 encoding details), then seems that you can't use this approach as the fast one.

You can use BEncode Editor.

BEncode Editor thread in µTorrent Community Forums.

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I definitely appreciate your thorough response. I need to spend some time learning about UTF-8 encoding to understand it though. ;) Did you learn this on your own? I am amazed at how much people know about programming, I would love to learn more. Maybe I should Google some Programming 101 tips to get me started. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you before I get lost in the world of BEncode Editor.

PS Do you think bad things will happen if I install two versions of utorrent on my computer so I can use the other one as my guinea pig?

EDIT = found an interesting article in lifehacker....your suggestion might lead to a rabbit-hole of learning for me. I am always wanting to tweak things so maybe it's time to just go ahead and get over my fear and try learning more about programming.

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Did you learn this on your own?

Yes, as many other things not only in IT area. ;)

Do you think bad things will happen if I install two versions of utorrent on my computer so I can use the other one as my guinea pig?

I suggest u to simply save the copy of ressume.dat file before experiments.

I am always wanting to tweak things so maybe it's time to just go ahead and get over my fear and try learning more about programming.

Trying to learn more about programming is not the same as to program yourself. Programming is not the same as hacking and also it is not the same as software or solution development (especially agile development of the industrial products), u know. ;)

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Yes I don't mean to diminish the knowledge of programmers by insinuating I could pick it up on my own without a lot of hard work. As you can tell, I don't really have the language down.

I found a good lifehacker article that goes over some basics, hopefully I will report back here in time with success re: following your suggestion. Thanks again, and keep up them goods learnin's!

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You summed up my biggest issue with uTorrent. I don't know why the program doesn't let you move all of the files you bulk selected to move instead of making you move each one and set a download directory for each one? And, then to have to reset the location because it doesn't remember the "new" folder is very frustrating. I figured this was a bug and would have been fixed eventually (it doesn't even use the standard windows file browser for directory selection) but it is still there. The suggested solutions don't really work for my uses. I really want to stick with uTorrent so I hope that this is addressed soon. Even if the last directory selected was remembered it would make things so much easier.

I like moving all of my torrents out once I have copied them off my "seed" drive. That way I can keep track of my "seeding" torrents that I already have on another drive, and keep track of stuff I have downloaded but not yet copied off.

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How about we brainstorm and/or share solutions here? I don't claim to be a genius so all of my suggestions come with a grain of salt, and if they are obvious, not meant to be insulting.

* To make utorrent 'remember' the last download directory you can go to options - preferences - directory, then set the directory to where you want it. UI Settings also allows you to choose a window with the torrent files to pop up every time you download a torrent, then you can set the download directory for each torrent. Or, you can right-click on the 'files' tab at the bottom of utorrent if the torrent is already loaded and change the directory by selecting 'relocate'.

* I often select all of my completed torrents from utorrent that I want to move, then right click-open. I manually move each folder/file to the new location. Then I remove all of these torrents from utorrent and set my download directory to the folder where I moved everything. Then I re-open all of my torrent files (it can be a pain to find them all, this is why it's a good idea to keep torrent files organised) and force-check.

* You can also tell utorrent to move all of your competed torrents to a different directory in the options-preferences-directory window. I don't pre-allocate disk space though and sometimes it flubs up for me.

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I am all for coming up with ideas/solutions to problems but I don't understand why uTorrent programmers haven't addressed this as it seems like it has been an issue for years and been requested/discussed many times. If there is no plan to change this I will start looking around for other options.

Regarding your suggestion:

1) I don't have a problem with it downloading to the correct directory. When you go to MASS move a bunch of torrents that have downloaded though it will prompt you for each and every file where you want to move it to, and, when you have to select the new directory you have to re-navigate to that directory

2) A possible solution, but, a lot of work if you have a lot of torrents going

3) I know about the auto "move when completed" options but it doesn't address what I am looking for. I do move when completed but I want to keep track of files that I have moved off my "torrent" drive as I will usually move them off to clean them up/store elsewhere. But, I still want to be seeding those files as per the original source. That is why it would be nice to be able to copy over to a "seeding" directory and then manually I will copy at the same time a copy to an external drive.

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Here's one I prepared earlier ...

' VBS script to copy finished job from uTorrent.

' get parameters from command line
SaveDir = WScript.Arguments(0)
Name = WScript.Arguments(1)

' copy path should be set to the final location for the files
copyPath = "drive:\path\"

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
if NOT objFSO.FolderExists(copyPath) then
end if

objFSO.CopyFolder SaveDir , copyPath & Name
on error resume next ' needed to suppress errors
' because FSO.FileExists does not support wildcards
' delete any PartFile.dat
objFSO.DeleteFile copyPath & Name & "\" & "~*.dat",true

' Usage command line.
' drive:\path\to-script\file-name.vbs "%D" "%N"
' The quote marks MUST be used to ensure that spaces in the names do not delimit the parameters

Create a text file,

copy and paste the code into it, (Use a text editor NOT a word processor)

change the value of CopyPath to suit your system,

save it with a .vbs extension,

put the command line in the "Run program when a job completes"

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Unfortunately we don't have prior knowledge of anyone's knowledge, abilities or skills, programming or otherwise. So nothing is being insinuated, simply offered as a potential solution.

Forums have always been about learning from one's peers and if an offered solution is outside your experience or skill set, you can ask for further clarification. For many people, and I include myself in this group, is to discover the how and why for themselves and a 'nudge' in the right direction is always appreciated. "Spoon-feeding" instant solutions helps no-one in the long run, as the ones answering the questions get bored with the repetition and the one(s) asking the question(s) have not really learned from it.

It's the "Give a man a fish" principle, knowledge and information 'sticks' if you have to work a little to get it.

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