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problems downloading


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i installed the update i received for uTorrent two days ago, but since i did, i have been having problems - i have never had any trouble with it before, i usually download catch ups for programs a couple of times a week and they queue fine, downloading as they go through the list - for the past two days i have to completely uninstall uTorrent after EVERY single thing i download and reinstall it - i must have deleted and added it again a dozen times in the past 48 hours. it works for the first download, then it gives me nothing ... i have a screen dump of the page i get when i try to download something else ... how can i attach it here so i can find out from someone what's happening? is there something i am doing wrong? i have never had a single problem with uTorrent in all the months i have been using it, nor have i had any problems with installing the updates :-(

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