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Can't choose the directory for the torrents.


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I got similar problem

while adding new torrent I can choose directory, it always save the file to the directory that was set in settings configuration; torrents can't be saved in customized directory other than the one in the settings menu.

utorrent 3.3

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I've got the same problem and only registered to reply here.

I'm using an older client - 2.0.4 on XP.

On my old machine, it was popping up a dialog everytime I wanted to add a new torrent or when clicking on a magnet link, but now it doesn't ask where to save the torrent?

I even copied the 'uTorrent' settings folder as-is from 'profile\application data' to the new machine.

I've tried the option under [Prefs -> Directories -> 'Put new downloads in'] and ticked the option ['Always show dialog on manual add'].

But unfortunately, enabling / disabling that option doesn't work - although it sets the default directory correctly.

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Not supported.

Yes, thank you for that very helpful reply!

As envad pointed out, it's also occurring with the newer 3.3 version.

I've read the help file, and found that the 'Add New Torrent' (save as) dialog is controlled by the following option, but enabling/disabling this still doesn't work for me...

[Prefs -> UI Settings -> When adding torrents -> 'Show a window that displays files...']

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