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torrent is not valid bencoding!


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Hey, I recently just installed utorrent on a new torrent box, and I'm getting this error "torrent is not valid bencoding!" when trying to add a torrent either with utorrent remote app (android) or with the webui. I did a fresh install and configured it with my normal settings, to troubleshoot the issue I uninstalled everything and did a fresh install again without all my normal settings except for logins for utorrent remote and webui. This issue was still happening, and to further troubleshoot I copied the settings from the AppData\Roaming\uTorrent folder over to the new machine, and the issue is still occuring. Both computes are running the exact same version of utorrent, "3.3 build 29420". I have also searched the forums and even searched google to find no solution to this problem. To spell this out, yes it is a utorrent bug, and no, it is not the torrent website, I can add the torrent directly from the remote machine. Someone please help =)

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