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Huge CPU usage after updating to 3.3 29462


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Hi all,

I just installed 3.3 29462 and now I get high CPU usage, like 30-50% on uTorrent and the system gets slow and eventually it freezes and/or crashes. And this is not happening only when uTorrent is active but also when it's in background, doing nothing.

Another weird thing I keep on encountering since v3.0 or so, it that the app is unable to update it's self. It gets the new version but it fails to update because there is an old version already running (closing uTorret also closes the updater so nothing happens). So I have to manually download the new version and update it.

Same thing happened this time.

Any ideas? I can't use any application when uTorrent is running and even the mouse lags.

I have Windows 7 x64 SP1, all updates and drivers installed.

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If I were to uninstall IS suites, tune up utilities and drivers for every problem I encounter this would be the only thing I'd be doing all day long :))

Nope I haven't. I did however exclude the uTorrent from scans. If this doesn't work out I'll try a clean reinstall.

Any reason why this would be the problem?

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OK, I'm back. I uninstalled Norton 360 a few days ago and installed 29544. It's not as bad as it was before and the uTorrent CPU usage doesn't go over 15% but I still get the slow system problem when uTorrent is active.

I installed the latest N360 today and didn't notice any performance downgrade.

The only other thing I can think of is the HDD. However, it's brand new, got it a few weeks ago to clone the old disk and I tested it before and after.

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