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uTorrent *sometimes* hangs while opening itself or .torrent files


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newest v3.3 (both "02" and "04 of april" builds i have) sometimes (about 3 out of 4 times) hangs while opening itself or .torrent files (i can see a separate process "uTorrent-3.3.exe" in the Task Manager for each time i tried to open a file). i tried to renew files association both from uTorrent and Windows files association (at first), but still get the same problem (obviously).

when i download uTorrent from the website and start the exe-file, it hangs as well, but if i try to open it again and again and again - after a while something clicks and the installer opens and goes normally (while other processes are still there in the Task Manager). when i restart my system, uTorrent starts normally and downloads everything fine (maybe i was just lucky). when i manually open .torrent file from uTorrent (via File - Add Torrent) it adds fine (maybe that was luck too).

when i downgrade to v3.2.3 - everything starts to work fine again, like it was for years before (20 out of 20 .torrent files opened).

PS win7 ultimate SP1 x64, no AV apart from Windows' one.

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