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Downloads are staying on "checked 0.0%"

Mr. Problem

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I did use them but am not very computer savvy so came to this forum for help, which you have given some of.

the link there took me to a download page, clicked that and it went to a blank screen. do i have to uninstall and install utorrent again?

or do i just get rid of what i was trying to download off the list, and try them again? one of the 6 or 7 things i was trying to download has started, may be because a lot of seeders are online for it

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I am using the most up to date version of uTorrent.

uTorrent 3.3 build 29533) [32-bit]

And I am having this problem as well. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and even playing around with the setting and then returning to default. I am able to download SOME things, but almost every single one goes to the status of "Checked 0.0%" and will not change at all, no matter how long I let it set for.

Please help.

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Same prob here with the latest stable? uTorrent version (3.3.29420). Found a clumsy, but working workaround, somewhat annoying and time-consuming as it is:

For *every* torrent you have in "checked 0.0%" state:

1) Quit uTorrent (make sure it's not just hanging 'closed' at the prog bar down by the clock!)

2) Wait a few seconds.

3) Restart uTorrent.(At this time you may get a warning "You have an older copy of uTorrent running, please close it first". Just click ok and try again.

This will restart DHT and bring *one* new torrent download to life.

4) Wait until your line status is green and you get the d/l actually going.

5) Repeat ...

Restarting uTorrent sometimes gives a "non-exisiting file" error on some of the previous download torrents, but that's okay, all you need to do is activate that one line and hit "start" button up there ...

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The only 'fix' is what sirandy said.


The fix is to update.

Noticed DWK was quite right, at least partially.

DL-ed the very latest? version (3.3.29544) from *the home page*, instead of trusting the 'help' -> 'check for updates' option in uTorrent client, installed it, and the problem went away, at least for a while ...

Prolly something wrong with my settings, as while actively upping some 6 torrents, needed to again resort to my above-mentioned solution to get 3 downloads work all together after a few days.

I've set a 20-active limit due to my slow bandwidth, but the upgrade only worked (really well, actually) for a few days. Go figure?

Could it be that my torrents keep hanging on somewhere in the net even after I delete them from the client aka uTorrent list, thus stuffing my 20-limit???

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