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100% health greeen torrents stops downloading for no reason?


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Since latest update (3.3) uTorrent has started behaving very odd.

Whenever I download torrents the torrent will stop downloading after a 30-60 seconds. Torrents are 100% healthy, marked green and got peers/seeders for about 10>MB/s download.

The only solution is to restart uTorrent. After I start uTorrent again, torrents starts downloading fine at blitzing speeds. This seems to be happening after I have put my computer in sleep and awakened it again.

This has never occurred b4, but is a new bug in 3.3. Nothing else has changed on system. :o

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What state does the torrent end up in?

What internet security software do you have installed?

No state it just stays in "Downloading 0,00%" with peers and seeds empty (0). ANd seems to stay like that forever (Ive only waited 5 minutes before restarting uTorrent, but it shouldnt be happening at all).

Also I have absolutely no firewall or nothing of the sort installed. I have a router with correct ports forwarded. I got a green checkmark icon for incoming connections. My system setup has been the same for the last 2 years. Not until recently this error started occurring.

It only happends when I wake my computer from sleep - and to fix it I have to restart uTorrent. And another thing Ive noticed is that when I exit uTorrent (I cant remeber actually ever exiting uTorrent before now. Its always been running) It takes quite alot of time. Longer than I am prepared to wait for, so I have to kill the uTorrent process with taskmanager, I dont know if that is a bug as well. Once uTorrent is restarted everything works fine.

No other software has internet problems after I wake my computer from sleep. Browser, Steam etc... everything else works just fine. Windows does not indicate any internet connection problems either.

So, any suggestions? :)

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uTorrent process wont close in reasonable time. Sometimes it sits for 10 minutes freezed in system even if I choose "kill process tree" in Windows 7.

When you terminate a process and it doesnt immediately close, it usually means it's currently locked and waiting on some kernel-like resource. It could be a buggy driver or something. But I never had this problem before as I said, and I havent updated my system either. So something is wrong somehow.

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