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utorrent Stopped Opening Files Automatically


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Hey guys,

When I click "Download .torrent" it doesn't open into utorrent, like it did before. Instead, it downloads the file to "My Downloads" where I then have to manually add it to utorrent before it will download the file.

I don't remember changing any settings, it happened out of the blue a really long time ago, and I am finally overly fed up with it.

Help! Thanks :)

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Firefox. Maybe it's those settings messing up utorrent?

If it can't be fixed it's not the end of the world, it's just a hassle really. I just want the .torrent files to open into utorrent and not My Downloads! I feel like that's just a simple thing and it really shouldn't be this difficult for people to figure out, eh? :)

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In Firefox, Tools>Options>Applications.

Scroll down to Torrent file (or type torrent in the search box (first image).

If uTorrent isn't default, and it sounds like it isn't, click on TORRENT file, and see if it's listed on the drop down menu. If it isn't, choose Use other. If it isn't listed (second image) then choose Browse option to find uTorrent.

Do the same for magnet too.



In uTorrent's preferences, make sure to click on Associate with torrent files, and that the Check association on startup is ticked also:


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