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utorrent instalation problem (more careless mistake)


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recently i was updating most of my software on my ntb one of those softwares were utorrent ... i uninstalled old version download the newer one and started the instll i unchecked the first and secont toolbar and then when i cliked next a careless mistake was born .... i got some register warnig with yes no or ignore and i careleslly cliked no ... after the incident i can't get through ask toolbar and also this problem somehow onnects to skype i guess becouse it was working untill i made the registry choice ... if anyone wonders if it's not somehow connected to windows ,java or IE updates than no ... i have all the recent versions i also get this one error in windows event wiever that took my attention when i saw it i don'tknow if it's connected or not but just to make sure i'll post it :

Agent proxy DNS server was unable to allocate 0 bytes of memory. This may mean that the system is low on virtual memory, or the memory manager detected an internal error.

so if possible can anone give me some sort of advice or solution to my problem and ? thanks.

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