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uTorrent is crashing my entire network.


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Hi guys, first time poster here desperate for a fix, so if anyone can help that would be rather fantastic :) I was told by a friend (wrongly) that if I had a play with my prefs I could increase my speed, and me being greedy decided to go for it, turns out that isn't the case and my speeds are lacking, they've gotten a little better over time but not hit the lofty 1.8mb/s I was getting regularly. But that is the least of my worries, as now whenever I open uTorrent to download something, my internet completely goes mad and doesn't open anything. It can take 5-20 refreshes of a page for it to load, and if it does I don't get any pictures or anything. It seems to completely ruin my internet. I tried to find how to put my preferences back to normal and did find a thread here, but the file and folder specified are not on my MacBook Pro. I am running Mountain Lion all up to date and have a MacBook Pro early 2011. The uTorrent I am running is version 1.8.2 and if anybody would like questions or a SS of anything let me know, as I am rather desperate to get back to normal.

Cheers guys.

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