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Seeds 0(199) + Settings.


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Sorry if this has already been posted, but been lurking around and couldn't find a concrete answer.

When downloading many files there are many seeders but I can't connect to one 0(199) hence I end up with a slow fluctuating downloads. As for peers at the moment it's at 110(8115)

I am running utorrent 1.8.3 on Mountain Lion 10.8.3

This was my latest speedtest results

Download speed 28.9MBps Upload 5.91MBps.

I have the following settings in utorrent

upload limit to 137kbps

Global limit 368

Per Torrent 147

DHT Enabled

PEX Enabled

Outgoing encryption enabled

TCP 62348

Auto Map port Enabled

Torrent shows a green dot at the bottom.

Is it me who's doing something wrong or is it the files that are screwed up?

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You don't need a seeder yet if there are bits and pieces you *don't* have are out there are in the peers. Your slow downloads are most likely due to a combination of your low speed limit (as compared to your capability) and the number of connections your are maintaining. Do the math -- how much bandwidth are you willing to give to each connection -- and what kind of incentive is that for them to share with you? How do your ratios look?

Also, let the program run for some time. It will negotiate with the swarm and establish mutually beneficial connections in time --- again, bearing in mind how *YOU* look to the swarm.

(edit) It appears that you are working on a fairly new/popular item. There are over four peers for every seed -- and I'm daily certain that most of those seeders have other stuff going on with their bandwidth. As more peers complete and stay, the swarm will speed up.

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