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Upload problems


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I know theres threads already about upload settings and other info which I have read but it hasnt fixed my problem.

Basically since downloading v3.3 my upload speed acts very strange.

It hardly ever gets above 100kb/s , when it should be sitting at 1.1mb/s . The file im upload at this moment has more leeches to seeds . Also my BB speeds are 100mb/s and 10mb/s

For me to get the upload speed at its max I have to run test in speed guide then change upload value to 0 for unlimited speed every time , but it only last an hr then drops back to 100kb/s or much less . This problem never happened before and my settings are set to default which the speed guide reomends and also how (SWITECK) said would be the best in his post .

Please help , Im not a super computer wizkid but Im not a complete noob either I just cant work it out as this never happened until V3.3

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