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Seed issues / router forwarding


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I recently bought a router. tp link wireless wr1043nd since I've set this up I've noticed I'm not seeding as much as I used to download works perfectly though.

Port forward set up static IP address set my PC ip to, default gateway is

I followed the guide to forward the port and used pf to make a static IP address.

On my tp link router I entered

Service port 52848

IP address

Protocol: All

Status: Enabled

On Wan settings, the Wan connection type is Dynamic Ip, should this be a static ip?

I used pf port checker to make sure the port forwarded ok. It finds the port 52848 under tcp is open but shows the port is closed when checking udp protocol.

I'm running

Windows 7 ultimate x64

Windows firewall - disabled

Windows defender - disabled

Comodo firewall - disabled. Using version 5.10.228257.2253

Eset smart security 4 - running using version.

ISP virgin media superhub - set to modem mode

Utorrent 3.2.3 (build 28705)

With the firewalls disabled could this still be causing the port problems with udp?

Let me know what information I need to provide to he solve the issue.

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I've disabled the SPI firewall on the router. If that's what you're referring to.

Update. I ran safe mode and then tested port 52848 and it said the port was open on udp and ran network test on utorrent which confirmed the port was forwarded ook.

When running in normal the port is shows as being closed. I figure this has to be a software issue?

I used the tweaks posted on this site to configure the comodo firewall even though it's disabled but that did not solve the issue. I went to msconfig to stop comodo firewall and Eset from running at start up still didn't work.

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