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uTorrent settings for very high speed internet connection ?


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I've a 100mbps internet connection in my university's hostel. Only 2,3 guys use torrent clients here. They don't get more than 1mbps ever.

I've personally checked my connection speed with speedtest.net. Last time it showed about 80mbps downloading and 10mbps uploading speed. Whenever I download a file directly from a website I get around 5 to 15 mbps downloading speed. But when it comes to uTorrent the rate is quite low, 700kbps to 3.5 mbps. Sometimes I get 6 to 7mbps but that's an exception.

I know seeds play a big role in downloading through torrent clients but 3.5mbps to 80mbps ratio doesn't seem fair. And I select only healthy torrents for downloading.

I want to modify my uTorrent settings completely including bandwidth and advance settings like net.max_halfopen etc. I've googled a lot but there is no forum related to this topic.

I want modification in my uTorrent settings considering a very high speed data plan for the FULL utilization of downloading speed.

Please someone recommend the best uTorrent settings for a 100mbps internet connection. :)

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