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Blank torrent list, yet seeding and downloading fine


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Good evening, people.

Since yesterday, I've had the problem that my torrent list in utorrent is completely empty, yet at the same time added torrents are downloading just fine, and the numbers in the sidebar (the number of torrents in various states) all add up. The download/upload speed also indicates that uTorrent is still doing what it should. I tried re-installing uTorrent, and the problem remains. All my old torrents are gone now, of course, but when I add new ones they still won't show up in the torrent list, no matter which post in the sidebar I highlight.



(Link to full size version: http://i.imgur.com/dYKCtCO.jpg )

I've tried googling it and searching in these forums, but to no luck.

System: Windows 8 64 bit

uTorrent v3.3 (build 29462)

No other firewalls etc other than the Windows firewall.

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Reset your column headers.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, this worked! Due to the low contrast (and the absence of text, and my cheap monitor) I didn't actually think that there was a header. Right-clicked that blank area on top, chose 'reset' and now everything is back to normal!

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