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Disk Overloaded since any 3.x.x.x.x.x relese!


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Hello, since you put in the plus feature I keep getting the disk overloaded thing. My dl speed drops.

So maybe the anwser to all our problems, us people with more than 128 kb/s speeds is to upgrade to PLUS?

Just my few cents to all this, since you got commercial you damn broke everything. Not upgrading to plus ever, and I mean ever, I'd rather go and use UŞENEXT than utorrent diskoverload all the time PLUS!

Yeah I'm bloody crazy about this thing, using SSDs, i7, 32GBs of ram and my disk somehow get overloaded on any clean windows OS or linux? You are a joke!

Go ahead and delete this post if you think that'd solve anything, but this is a bug post, from a bloody angry user.

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Yeah maybe, I could link you to the topic on the first page of Bug Report forum and you would see that it is locked. Topic is about disk overloaded, and someone decided it does not matter and locked it. It frustrates me to see it locked and unsolved, thus I have posted in such voice and manner.

History teaches us, change has never come from peaceful protests, only by introducing violence, in this case, I am using somewhat rude words to describe how much of a problem this bug poses for me. My job depends on bit-torrent protocol, my company uses uTorrent for exchanging large files used in our market evaluations. I need not explain myself further, the problem exists, others have spoken of it, described it and tried to make someone notice it, but they were ignored, so I am resorting to this way of speaking out what bothers me.

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I am reopening a thread that was closed for unknown reason and remains unsolved.


Net connection: more than anyone can handle, speaking in gbits.

Disks: SSDs

RAM: 16-32GB

Processors: i5s and i7s

Details: Not needed as it clearly the problem originates from uTorrent

Problem itself: Cache in utorrent gets filled up, computer is either ruining any win OS or Linux, it can be freshly installed, makes no difference, cache is filled up (I tried the default 32mb, and any number above equivalent to the amount of ram a machine had) then the disk overloaded occurs and the speed falls to 0, the u torrent client then decides to take a break and wait for a minute or two before writing the data to the disk and clearing the cache to again fill it up to 100% and report that my disk is overloaded. Imagine my frustration when I do not see a reason for that to happen on any system.

Same identical problem was described in numerous other closed threads created as early as 2011 and all up to today. And the last one opened was closed after 7 pages.

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Yes kind sir, you are the first one to actually communicate with me about the problem I am facing, although you give a feeling that you are trying to troll me. I am running the lates uTorrent beta build, before that I was running the latest stable uTorrent relese.

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Oh dear [insert deity] it's like pulling teeth! Having to ask for every little bit of information is the best way to make sure you are ignored in the future.

The actual version and BUILD!!! (use Help -> About to find it)

"The latest" could be anything at all.

AND using an SSD WILL cause overloading because the drive interface is slower than Electro Mechanical Drives on write cycles.

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