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[Queueing] Not sure what this means...


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I've always had trouble with the settings for Queuing. Is there a way to DISABLE QUEUING? In my settings I have under


Maximum number of active torrents (upload and download): [ins]9[/ins]

Maximum number of active downloads: [ins]4[/ins]

If I set both of these at [ins]0[/ins] will this disable Queuing?

I'm also getting discoverload %100. Does this have anything to do with [ins]Pre-allocatie all files[/ins]?

I've read the documentation, and searched the forums, but no one has actually came out and explain this, and possibly what it can do if you have them turned off. I would appreciate any and all help concerning these matters. I'm still fine tuning uTorrent! I've looked at other client software, even though they did the same thing, but uTorrent is more customizable. I don't know if BitTorrent accepts skins like uTorrent.

Thank you. :cool:

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