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Trouble downloading second (and onwards) torrent


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For the last week and a half I have only been able to download one torrent then all others won't even begin the process of downloading.

I noticed in the trackers tab that:

upd://tracker.ccc.de:80 has a failure:connection timed out

then the rest of the trackers above it are all inactive. (Peer Exchange, Local Peer Discovery, DHT) which I think are the key ones...right?

The only way I can get another torrent to download is if I restart my computer...

I know it isn't the torrent because I was able to successfully download a previously stalled download.

I do not believe it is my internet connection because well I am using it right now..obviously.

I have also turned off my firewall on a newly downloaded antivirus program. I checked the safe list and Utorrent is on there...

Any help would be appreciated cause torrents don't download themselves...:)

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