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Problems getting back to the download screen


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OK, so I updated my uTorrent to the new version and started to look around if I could see anything new.

Then I proceeded to click on the torrent+ thing and had a look there so see what was what.

All that went good but now I can't seem to find my way back to where I started from... the DL page...

I did try to use F7 but that just toggled me between the last 2 screens.

Thank you in advance...


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GOT IT... I ended up clicking on the word "torrent" in the sidebar so it was highlighted, then went to "file" at the top left and then used the "exit" button. That closed it and when I reopened it it was back where I want it to be..

Thanks for your help DreadWingKnight... you are nice after all.

N... :)

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