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DHT wating to log in - Temporarily fixed by restarting uT


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I'm running uT 3.2.3 on Win7 x64 with a BTGuard Proxy (Settings like https://btguard.com/utorrent.php ).

Most of my torrents are magnets from The Pirate Bay, which upon adding them to uT - having it running in the background usually - get stuck at 'Downloading Metadata', while the statusbar says 'DHT: Waiting to log in'.

Restarting uT fixes this for a short while, but at some point i have the problem again. I have been unable to reproduce the error reliably, but the timeframe seems to be around 1-24 hours. Additionally, I don't understand why this occurs only after a while, and not immediately, or always. The fact that I do not exactly understand when the error occurs severely hinders troubleshooting.

Windows Firewall allows UDP and TCP inbound. Disabling the firewall (via services.msc) does not work either. I am not sure how whether it's feasible to remove it completely.

I found a suggestion to delete the dht.dat files from the appdata-directory, however this does not work.

I am grateful for any input!

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Thanks DreadWingKnight. I found that link already, and my firewall settings are proper. Furthermore, except for this annoying hicup, DHT runs perfectly fine over BTGuard. However I'm testing with and without a proxy, just to be sure.

I tried deleting the .dat files as well before, but that did not change the behavior - after all, DHT stops working after it was running for a while. It always works after a restart. So obviously, as I have to restart uT to delete the .dat-files, I cannot determine for sure what the exact effect is, all I know is that DHT stops working again after some time.

Is that soemthing that has happened to anyone before?

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