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How to reseed my own torrent from another PC + Moving downloaded files


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Let me just start by saying that I have read both the How to make a torrent and the Migration help files:



I essentially have two problems:

1) I have created a torrent on Computer A which I would like to share out on Computer B as well.

On Computer A all is good, and the torrent is read by uTorrent and the file is in its original location.

On Computer B, I use the File -> Add Torrent (Choose Save Dir) to browse to the .torrent file, and then I browse to the relevant file.

UTorrent then checks the file. And then moves it to my download directory. Which I obviously don't want.

So my question here is, How do I read in a .torrent I have created on one PC, without the files being moved for me?

2) After I've downloaded a file, I then move it to a folder depending on type (Movie/TV Show/etc), but uTorrent can obviously not see this.

Would I have to load in the .torrent file like in my previous question? And if so, would I have the same problem?

Or can I somehow tell uTorrent where to look for the file?

Thanks in advance.

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But that would still move the files when I load the .torrents into uTorrent.

Also, the machines aren't necessarily alway on the same network, so a mapped drive is not a possibility.

I am more interested in why and how to prevent the files being seeded when I load torrents on another machine.

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and how to prevent the files being seeded when I load torrents on another machine.

There is a red, square button on the toolbar labelled [h]Stop[/h] I find that usually fixes it.

Sorry, my bad, it should have said moved, not seeded.

So my question remains the same, and it seems like uTorrent basically can't do this simple thing.

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Oh and of course if you don't want them moving, simply tell uTorrent NOT to move completed jobs.

No, I want completed downloads moved. I have a folder called 'Done' that I am quite happy to have downloads moved to.

It is new .torrents that I am trying to reload so I can share them that I don't want moved. And I simply cannot grasp why anyone would want to have their files moved when they are shared out.

Let's say you have a folder called 'Magazines' and you want to share out one of those magazines.

Why would anyone want uTorrent to move this file when it is shared out?

This is what I would want to avoid.

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