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red stop sign, not downloading :(


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You can help yourself by expanding and *reading* the error. The red bar tells you that whatever you are trying to get is *not* available anymore. By some count there were 1300+ downloading it at some point, but there are *ZERO* out there now.

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. It's not that people aren't seeding..

I can't download anything on utorrent :S

It **IS** that people are not seeding. You have a decent list of trackers --- and they are telling you that there is *nobody with anything* out there on that torrent. You have a dead torrent.

1. The red stop sign and the message with it tells you there is something wrong.

2. The blue line shows that you have downloaded nothing

3. The red line shows that there is *nothing* out there for you to download.

You can delete it, or wait forever for someone to seed it again, or search for another torrent that is live.

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Incorrect oldybut

Look at the status column in the first screenshot.

I saw that: see post #2 ("invalid download s…"?) -- which means what --- ?

It would be helpful/instructive if you expanded/clarified "incorrect" -- perhaps by telling us what you see that I missed.

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