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Upload is Throttled even within a Home Network


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Hi, I am using uTorrent 3.2.2 on Windows XP, SP3 with only the Windows Firewall and no other firewalls. The issue is that all the torrents that are being seeding show the 'u' flag.

The Glasnost test shows that my ISP is not throttling torrents. I have tried all types of configurations on uTorrent - uPnP, NAT and Windows Firewall exception are enabled. All check boxes on the Bittorrent tab, except limit local peer bandwidth, are enabled. The bandwidth is set to unlimited upload, 200 global connections, and 70 per torrent. The local router connecting to the ISP has the correct uPnP mapping in the NAT table (with the utorrent port correctly forwarded). Downloads are fine with not speed bumps.

The funny thing is that I have a second laptop running utorrent on my home network and there is no throttling on the second laptop. In fact when I add the same torrent on the two laptops, traffic from the first laptop to the second laptop is throttled, but not vice versa. E.g. if I have a torrent 50% complete on both laptops, with 20% relevancy between them, then pieces from the second laptop will be copied to the first laptop, but not vice versa, so that the first laptop goes to 70% complete while the second laptop remains at 50%. This should mean that it is a local issue and not network related.

Any help will be appreciated.

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