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Not enough space on usb_storage device


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I have an android box with 16Gb of NAND memory, where I placed an USB Hard Disk with 500Gb of free space.

The issue is that when I try to download a file bigger than the internal free memory to the folder /mnt/usb_storage/USB_DISK0/ I get the error "There is not enough space on the device to fully download this torrent. Do you want to continue?"

When I accept, the utorrent shows the following message on the screen "Error:File exceeds filesystem size limit (WriteToDisk)", and it does not get downloaded.

Why uTorrent does not detect the free space of the USB storage device?


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USB Hard Disk has NTFS. It has 1TB capacity.

Really?? I must have missed you mentioning that fact in the first post.

I didn't mention it.

It seams like the uTorrent does not detect USB Hard Disk free space. It takes NAND memory free space...

So if it has 4 Gb of free space, uTorrent won't let me download a file larger than 4 Gb.

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