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Since updating to 3.3 , downloads dont start on there own


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Just recently updated to 3.3 and since doing so , the downloads dont seem to find seeders and just sit there doing nothing?? I have found that if i reboot the laptop , then the torrents start straight away?

Just wondered if there was something i needed to change as it seems my machine is needing to be restarted in order to get the link up!

Have been using utorrent now for many yrs with no issues and find it great .

Im guessing this is just a dink in the new version.

Cheers rich:D

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Tbh, not sure of build number but it does say version 3.3 on the top, Not really that smart on this product as never needed to be up to now as just used to link up!! On a good note tho, its does seem to have fixed itself now and the downloads just auto load now without the need to click the small pop up box anymore which is preety cool!!;)

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