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Utorrent Speed Suddenly Horribly Slow, Help!


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Ok, so first off, my Utorrent is version 3.3, I made a static IP, I have the port forwarded, I have exceptions in my firewall, no I don't have any antivirus programs running, My modem/router is high-speed satellite, like 150mb/s, ISP is DishNet, but I think they use Hughes Network Systems, (I looked it up and it said they have a Fair Access Policy, don't know what that is) and I have already run the Glasnost ISP throttling bittorrent test, and it said there is no problem with ISP throttling.

So I started downloading a few torrents from Nyaa.eu (anime xD) and It was going pretty fast, around a max of 600kb/s and min of 350kb/s, so I went to make some food, came back, and they were horrible (like between 1kb/s to a max of 15kb/s, and I had around 32 of 127 seeds and 12 of 56 peers). So I restarted my modem and router,(I had to reforward my port since I forgot to make a static IP, but I got it working again) and my download and upload speeds were good again, (download of like 600kb/s upload of like 120kb/s with 31of 127 seeds and 23 of 56 peers) then like 3 hours later, I come back, and they are back to what they were before. I don't know how to fix this xD, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Oh and I ran a speed test, and I have no idea why it's showing that it's this low.


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