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very slow upload speeds on build 29544 3.3


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Not sure if this is just a temp thing but ive noticed that my upload speeds on torrents has dropped alot just recently to a very slow average of 6.2kb were i use to get alot better around 50kb.

It seems once downloaded the torrents then almost stop altogether at around 1kb . Thing is, these are new torrents with high leaching so they should be feeding back alot higher .

Ive checked the settings are have the following // port settings 39800

max number of connections 50

max number of global connections 200

max upload setting at 0

max download 0

Tbh, i dont really know to much about how this program works as i usually just let it run and it works 100%

Might not be nothing up here but im getting nagged at by forums saying up upload rate isnt to good were in the past it was really good so i do need to find away of boosting it.

Any tips would be very welcome.

Cheers rich

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Ok , found an easy way to fix it when you dont really get all the fine details of how to do so yourself!

Tbh, i didnt really get the info i was sent as im not really a wizz at the tech wording ( thanks for the above directed links tho))

I just did the following >>>>>

Options > set up guide> run test> close and save :D

Did this and it set it up spot on all by itself:cool: Now got hugely improved upload and download speeds:D

Gone from 2kb upload to around 100kb

Thought id share the simple route i took for other tech dumbies :lol:

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