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Saving window size after closing program


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Situation: If you open the program and set the desired size of the window in non-full-screen mode - that size is saved even when switching between full-screen mode and not in a single session period using of application. So, when you close the program with the selected window size in non-full-screen mode, the next time you run it, it retains its size.

Problem: But if you close the program in full-screen mode, the next time its started and switching to non-full-screen mode window size stumble, and not remain as desired in the previous session.

Question: Please, help to understand and resolve is that a bug in the program or wrong settings in OS.

Note: PC runs on Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. Other programs that installed on computer does not have such problems and save window sizes between switching from full-screen to none-full-screen even after closing, no matter in what window size mode program was closed in the previous session.

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