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Create my own private torrent, but peers cannot connect?!


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I've created my own private torrent file, and I'm testing it on another PC with it's own completely separate internet connection, but it gets stuck on status 'connecting to peers' and nothing downloads.

Here's what I did in creating my private torrent file....

1. Enabled 'bt.enable_tracker' and reset uTorrent.

2. Check port and checked that it's open.

3. Created new torrent and inserted trackers...



...of course replacing 'External-IP' and 'Port-Number' with my own.

4. Ticked both 'Start seeding' and 'Private torrent' and created torrent file.

5. Torrent file is now present on host PC and seeding correctly.

6. Opened torrent file on second PC, but this is where it gets stuck on status 'connecting to peers'.

I've also tried connecting via a third PC on the same LAN, but it get's the same stuck status.

All other torrents, public and private site trackers download and seed just fine.

Any ideas where I am going wrong please?

Thank you

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Ah ha! Thank you, this now works, however I would like to make it a private torrent so that peers can only download from my tracker, which as I understand is the whole point of the private flag. If this is not possible due to no DHT, then what is the point of the 'Private torrent' option?

Thank you

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Sorry I don't quite follow what you mean. I read this from for the uTorrent guide...

"Private Torrent" will disable DHT (Distributed Hash Table) and PEX (Peer EXchange), which are alternate means of getting peers from other peers instead of the tracker.

This is what I require so only peers can download from my original tracker. I don't understand if it's impossible to connect when creating a private tracker, what is it good for?

All the guides I found online regarding setting up a private torrent suggested to check the 'Private torrent' option, and it appears to work for them so not sure where I am going wrong?

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