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problem running a script with utorrent server build 24613


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Hello all.

Im running Utorrent server V. 3.0 build 24613.

I have installed the Utorrent server on my Debian server, with this command:

wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24928836/utserver/deb/torrent-server_3.0-25053_i386.deb

But im very confused about this client, because i would like the program to run a script when a download finishes. This script is called torrentToMedia.py and will autoprocess my downloads in Sickbeard. I have found out that i can write this line in utserver.conf:

finish_cmd "%D" "%D" "%N" "%L" "%I"

which should make utorrent extract torrents. But in the UI of utorrent server i dont see anywhere where i can point the path to a script i want to run when the download finishes.. this is really confusing, because the Utorrent i have on my Windows machine have these things. So what can i do in order to make downloads so automatic as possible, and the possibility of running user-scripts when a download finishes?

And would it be possible to manually load an RSS feed into UT server, although it dosent support RSS-feeds from the UI..cross my fingers!

Thanks so much for reading my post..!

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