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Can't update tracker information.


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Hi I was experiencing some problems with miTorrent.

First of all, i can't modify my connection, i use unforwarded ports and can not do anything with them, I live in a campus w/ internet for all the residents, but the routers have remote control disabled, the connection is 50 mbps fiber from an italian ISP called Fastweb.

Long story short miTorrent won't work, if I add a torrent it takes up to five days to syncronize to a tracker once in sync the torrent jumps to a fair high download and upload speed something like 2/2 mbps.

In the same way magnet links won't gather any information about the torrent files.

I was able to force the connection by using a VPN connection to update trackers and download the list of online peers, but in short time the servers i used were blacklisted, they have a strict and dumb policy about this, also most of major proxy sites are unaccesible by this connection.

For that i used two programs both with only a server aviable (freemium version and stuff) and one after the other quit working, but when they worked the peering was kinda good, for the limit of having unforwarded ports.

I want to know if there is some way to fix this problem, or if someone have a list of free vpn connection, even better if with no static ip.

Thanks in advance and pardon my bad English.

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