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Choose multiple proxy protocols at the same time


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Right now I can only set a proxy using one protocol at one time, specify proxy IP address and port,how about choosing multiple proxy protocols (like: http, https, etc) at the same time. If the tracker of a torrent is 'http', then uses http proxy, else uses https proxy.

Some of my torrents are pt(Private Tracker) torrent, and most of the pt websites can support both http and SSL(https). My torrent list are huge, and part of them has http trackers, while the other has https trackers.

My network environment is a big intranet, and we use a proxy to get a Internet connection. I hope I can use one proxy to connect all the trackers of my torrents once and for all.

Any reply will be appriciated. Thank you very much .:)

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i've tried this, but it didn't work

what i want is that when i choose proxy in uTorrent, i can set more than one proxy protocols, and i can choose what i've set(At least 2 kinds of protocols, http https), when uTorrent try to connect trackers, some of them in torrents are http, others are https, and uTorrent can connect all of them corrently and smartly.

right now i can set [none socks4 socks5 http https], but i can only choose one at a time before starting all my torrents

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