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Putting all the ~uTorrentPartFiles into individual folder?


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I usually download torrents not fully, and I still seed those. As a result, I got hard drive full of those ~uTorrentPartFiles into various folders. I know there's option "diskio.use_partfile", which can be disabled but imo it only does no better - a result is drive full of garbage files that were actually in the torrent, but that has real extensions/names at a size of several hundred kbs. What's worse - as oppose to ~uTorrentPartFiles, those won't get deleted after removing torrent from client and can only be physically cleaned out by searching for files below 4mb >_<

So I'd like to know a way to point uTorrent at some folder for it to store all of it's partfiles up there.

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Partially resolved.

1. Giving all the files in torrent "Don't Download" priority.

2. Physically removing the part file.

This won't stop you from seeding but will stop uTorrent from making ~uTorrentPartFile. Naturally, this must be done each time after you've downloaded incomplete torrent, but...

Anyway, better ideas are welcome.

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