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Forgot how to configure µTorrent


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I just returned to µTorrent after having been unfaithful with Vuze for long enough to forget one important aspect of the configuration.

It seems that by default µTorrent does not show the individual files with a check-box next to each one in a torrent file (and never has, as far as I can remember, for magnet links) when I click the torrent name on the d/l site and µTorrent awakens to handle the torrent.

A crucial feature, to say the least, if you're only interested in 10-15 files out of all contained in 1001 greatest hits since time began.torrent.

Used to be I could invoke this behavior by simply checking a box somewhere but now I forget where that was and wish someone here would wise me up.

Thank you.


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Wonderful, thanks! I'm back in business. Like it said on Lifehacker a week or so ago when I googled 'best bittorrent clients' while casting about for something to tide me over until I got back with µTorrent:

"While you have a few choices of BitTorrent client on Windows, uTorrent is hands down the best we've ever used: it's feature-filled, very lightweight, and completely free."


Well, there you go. LH is one of the most trustworthy sites in my book and I can't but agree with their opinion.

Thank you Andreasvb :D

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