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seeds and peers

Sanjoy Banerjee

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I am new to uTorrent. But since I have started downloading and using the software, I went through google, yahoo, Bing, consulted Wikepedia and got a rough idea of how it works and other basic terminologies used in torrent. But one thing which I am still in doubt is :

What is : Peers: 9 of 49 connected (7 in swarm)?

Seeds: 17 of 43 connected (10 in swarm)?

I know the meaning of seeds and Peers and swarm. But what does "7 in swarm" mean?

A peer in uTorrent is simply someone that has the file on their computer and is letting you leech off of them.Those who have less than 100% of the content associated with the torrent. They download from seeds and other peers and upload to other peers.

Seeds are those who have the file 100% downloaded and are allowing the others (leeches) to download the same.

Swarm is leeches + seeds. Then if 9 peers are connected to 49 peers or 17 seeds are connected to 43, then the swarms should be 49 and 43 respectively rather than 7 and 10?

Could anyone clear my doubts please?

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Read >> https://wiki.theory.org/BitTorrentSpecification

'x of 49' is the number of peer IDs cached at, and reported by the trackers, which may be months old, and peers using a client that can "randomise" IDs could be listed several times. It is NOT to be relied on.

swarm is the total number of peers that are sharing the data.

A seed is a peer with ALL the pieces.

A 'leech' is actually a peer that has downloaded all the pieces and then left the swarm.

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que tal , tengo una pregunta pero no encuentro por ninguna parte respuesta, si es que la hay...

...estoy haciendo de semilla inicial para subida de un torrent, pero quisiera centrarme en subirla a un solo cliente (1->1)para que haya 2 semillas que puedan compartir, en vez de repartir (1->200) que es lo que estoy haciendo ahora, quisiera simplificar la subida centrándome en uno solo para que podamos repartir entre dos.(1->1)=(2->200).es posible configurar esto?


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